How Do I Become An Actor?
There are many aspects to becoming an actor. We recommend getting an agent to help with the business side of things and to explain this very complicated question. Talk to your agent.

What Charges And Fees Are Involved?
Barton Buckle Agency chargesĀ  15% (+GST) commission for all forms of media. We also charge a nominal fee to publish your photo and details on this site.

What Other Charges Should I Expect?
The MEAA charge fees at various levels to become and remain a member. MEAA is the Media and Entertainment Arts Alliance who look out for the rights of performers. They are also responsible for maintaining standard awards, contracts and conditions. You can access their website for details from here.

If you require training there are fees for workshops, courses, etc. These can be expensive, talk to your agent to discuss which training providers are legitimate and cost estimates.

Photography is necessary and can also be expensive. With Barton Buckle Agency you have a choice of supplying your own head-shots, (please refer to our Supplied Photograph Requirements Sheet) or having professional shots taken. We can recommend photographers we use who are more reasonably priced than most.

What If I Just Want To Be An Extra?
Extras can be normal everyday people who have some time on their hands (mainly during week days). The hourly rate of pay is reasonable and a fair bit of the time the work is described as ‘sitting around drinking coffee’. We have two main requirements for extras; reliability and common sense.

How Do I Join?
Barton Buckle Agency look at potential clients year round and

discuss all aspects of signing on and requirements when contacted. If you have signed on with another agent then we wish you well and will not discuss representation. You’re welcome to contact us to follow up on your initial inquiry. We will not take just anyone and for those accepted there are no guarantees.

Do You Represent Children?
Yes. We represent kids below 15 years down to around 4 years. For privacy/protection reasons we decided not to list them in an open forum on this website, however, all of our children are included in their own section of under password protection. We use the same format, head-shot and details, and any of our head-shots that are of interest can be emailed.

What Will Barton Buckle Do For Me?
Representation means many things. For actors we arrange auditions, handle contract negotiations and organise CV and head-shot presentation. We also handle invoicing, troubleshooting and payments in reasonable time frames. For extras we arrange head-shot presentation, interviews, bookings and upgrades. We also handle problems on set and of course, payments in reasonable time frames.

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